Building Surveying Consultancy

We are able to give clients advice on a wide variety of building related matters. The range of our experience and knowledge enable us to play a key consultancy role in building works and property management related matters. Our department is staffed by experienced professionals and backed by a team of trained assistants and technicians.

Project Management & Monitoring

Project management services including the feasibility assessment of a project; control of the time and cost; liaison with project consultants and other parties; managing the works from inception to completion. The services shall also include advising clients on the suitability of designs; procurement methods as well as other construction, contractual and cost related issues.

The role may also be expended to act as the project monitoring surveyor overseeing and reporting project progress. The monitoring service shall provide a warning system for developer of any deviations from the planned programme, scale and type.

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Addition & Alteration and Renovation Works

Inspection of existing buildings and plans to investigate the feasibility of achieving Client's objectives. Formulating various schemes and work proposals. Acting as the A.P. and R.S.E. for submission matters. Preparing design and specification of building works, arranging the tendering of the works and monitoring the works until completion.

In addition, MSL also undertakes Design and Build packages for building work projects, in particular for works that requires high degree of co-ordination between building works and building services.

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Building Completion Inspection

This is a new service for Developers who wish to have increased staff resource to meet the inspection workload when buildings are nearing completion. Multiple Surveyors will act as an extension of the Employer's site supervisory team. Tailored proformas are produced for each individual development and defects are recorded in diagrammatic and/or coded format. English and Chinese language may be used to ensure communication of defects to sub-contractors. Defect items are sorted out by computer into different trades to facilitate rectification by different sub-contractors.

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Building Defects Diagnosis

Dealing with defects in existing buildings and can offer specialist advise on building defects analysis, and repair methods.

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Measurement Surveys

Inspection and measurement of buildings for the preparation of drawings, useful for valuing compensation, letting/sale purposes, interior design and renovation proposals.

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Construction Monitoring

The monitoring of progress and quality of works on behalf of the client, for new construction projects and renovation works. The role may also be expended to act as the developer's project manager overseeing and co-ordinating project design, and advising clients on the suitability of design methods of procurement, and other construction and cost related issues.

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Planned Maintenance

Formulating maintenance strategies and offering advise on the most economic approach to maintenance issues, to allow property owners to optimise on the available cost saving, and on maintaining property values.

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Condition Surveys

Inspection of buildings for defects and reporting on the general condition. This service is particularly important at the commencement and expiry of leases, to establish repair liabilities of the parties. Condition Surveys are also of vital importance when new construction projects threaten the stability of existing buildings.

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Expert Witness

Acting as expert witness in Arbitration and Litigation cases, advising on building construction and contract matters, and property related disputes.

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License Application

Acting as the AP and RSE to provide building consultancy services for the application for various licenses for restaurant, place of entertainment, massage establishments, clubs and educational institutions.

Professional Consultancy including:

  • Licensing Consultant
  • Authorized Person
  • Registered Structural Engineer
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Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme

The full implementation of the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme ("MBIS") has commenced from 30 June 2012 for the buildings aged 30 years or above (except domestic buildings not exceeding 3 storeys). Under the MBIS, building owners are required to appoint a Registered Inspector to carry out prescribed inspection and supervise prescribed repair works as necessary for the external walls, structural elements, drainage, fire rated construction elements, projections (such as balconies and canopies), and unauthorized buildings works (UBWs).

To facilitate building owners to comply with the mandatory inspection requirements, MSL offers a package of professional services for the prescribed inspections and repairs under the MBIS at a very competitive fee. For details, please click here to contact our staff.

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